101 Depression Remedies

1. Clean your shit: Room, clothes, car, bathroom (very important. Scrub that toilet!), house, yard, kitchen (also very important), work desk,  ect.

2. Clean yourself: buy some nice smelling soap and shampoo. Citrus is a favorite of mine. Try to spring for some hippy-ish stuff. It’ll make you feel better about yourself. Bathe or shower for awhile. Scrub your sadness

3. Treat yourself, but not too much: buy a shrimp dinner, take that road trip vacation, buy a sword, eat that cookie (fuck. Eat two), drink a nice red wine, sleep in a little.

4. Get some fuckin sleep: this should be number one. It makes all the difference. If you don’t sleep well, make a routine. Relax without any stimulation a couple hours prior to your slumber time.

5. Organize your life: start with the mess on your desk and shelves. Make it efficient. Move on to the kitchen (very important) make it a easy place to cook up somethin good. Organize your priorities and goals even. Start at home, move inward, then outward.

6. Quit looking at screens: TV, video games, cell phones, computers, slot machines, whatever. It’s all a simulation for something missing in your life. Quit distracting your desires digitally and live dammit… except for this website. Minimyst is good for you. Keep checking in constantly or on the 13th. Minimst.com it’s good for you

7. Quit listening to me and others: listen to your heart and all that cheesy shit. Your instincts know best.

8. Words: sticks and stone will break your bones, but words can make you kill yourself. Quit diagnosing yourself as depressed. It’s a hex. Define yourself as goin thru some shit. Get rid of nasty phrases and words that attatch like a parasite. Redefine your life and struggles. Change your words.

9. Get out: easier said then done for some, but cmon. Just leave. Go out, be sad somewhere other then your house. Your world can’t change, if you don’t go out in the world and try to change it. Doesn’t have to be big, small, fun or eventful. Just start. Just go. Get the fuck out.

10. Do something: draw, sing, play an instrument, dance the cha-cha, make a movie, hike a hill, cast a spell, write a poem, check minimyst.com, walk the dog, just walk somewhere, sculpt a bowl, plant a garden. Do something productive, in real life. Make something. Get physical and creative. Force it at first, if you need to. It’ll build eventually.

11. Find beauty: go to a national park nearby or afar. Wander the roads near the places you always go. Explore the beautiful world around. If you live in a shithole. Beautify your surroundings with shawls, cool lights and plants.

12. Eat good food: doesn’t always have to be nutritious, but it shouldn’t be artificial sustenance. Learn to cook. It’s like life. You don’t have to be a fucking chef. Go to a grocery store, buy ingredients. Make a soup if your poor, make a fancy steak and shrimp dinner if your upper crust. Take the time to cook and prepare food that tastes good. If you can do that, You can eventually learn to cook at life

13. Talk to strangers: Even if they seem to have nothing to offer. Try to spark a conversation. Ask about their day. Take whatever they say (even if contrived or mundane) have them elaborate. Compare yourself eventually and you’ll connect in some way. Keep doing this and eventually you’ll connect with the strange world of strangers and yourself.

14. Fall in love: doesn’t have to be a person (though that is preferable in most cases. Can cause extreme suicidal depression cases in others). Learn to love something. About yourself, about your city or family or friends. Love a book or a movie, if you have to. Try to work that heart out. Find a spark.

15. Listen to good music: bowie, ect.


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