September 13

Low hiatus 


Slowly recovering by being so busy, I can’t keep up with myself.

Got some travel pictures from Japan, The American West and Germany, as well as new novel writings in the works and old poetry books to post here, in the next couple months. For now, enjoy the rather relevant complete list that is…


101 Meloncholy Remedies

Scan_20170619 (6)

August 13

No more muses


Hard to continue this website, the path of art or my life. I recently lost my muse, best friend and lover, in germany. It was bitter, painful and confusing. I feel damaged beyond repair and it may take a long time before I can create again. Life is dim at the moment, but I’m taking steps to prevent complete loss. Holding on hope, but it’s getting harder everyday.

I’ve got many books of poetry to share and some 2018 art, if I can find time and drive. Here’s one recently transcribed online. Old works may be all I can do for awhile.


Book Of Spades


The first of four casino chapters in 2017. Hope ya dig it.


101 Depression Remedies


Some more depression remedies, from someone at the ledge. 34-66

July 13

Killer filler



Scan_20170619 (6)


End your sadness! 1-33




Newly edited editions and a new home for future works. Full length releases will be coming in late November. Poetry books coming before. Until then, enjoy Desert Of Dreams, Drawn, and Mall Cop Chronicles, in free digital form.




June 13

Fuck Paul Blart!




Mall Cop Chronicles

A holiday season, in hell.


May 13

Love On The Road: Revisited


Took a magical month long break, to spend some time with my beautiful returned muse. Feeling recharged, dreamy and full of heart. Lots of new energy to pour into art.

In August, I’ll be Moving to Germany with the lovely lady, to pursue art full time, for the first time in my life. So the next 3 months are gonna be pretty damn busy, but many works are on the way.

Expect great things in the year ahead.



April 13

3rd Draft 


Scan_20170619 (10)



An illustrated poem story, wrote in 2017 and edited into book form, in 2018. It is a dark psychedelic tale of a masked cloaked figure, wandering a desolate desert, in search of life .
The first 3 parts are being offered as a free downloadable e-book. Plans for a physical release of the full 13 part book, are underway.



Scan_20170812 (18) b(1)



A minimal mystical comic story series, featuring surreal expressions of extra-personal possession and dealings with the greater unknown.
Here is vol. 1 of this experimental little project.



March 13

Power is back on


Bought a laptop recently, from all the soul sucking work i’ve been consumed by, at the indian casino.

Have been fuckin’ around with publishing software, in my scarce free time.

Books coming soon, with other surprises.



High Lights 







ART 2017





No Future. No Past


Accidentally deleted a year’s worth of content on here. Cell phone editing fucking sucks ass. Can’t wait for a laptop

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